Welcome to Les Clefs d’Or Finland’s website!


Finland joined UICH Les Clefs d’Or, an international hotel concierge association, in 1980 when a few young concierges joined efforts to take Finnish hospitality to the next level, thus founding Suomen Hotelliportieerit, Les Clefs d’Or Finland. Les Clefs d’Or is an association which brings together over 4000 members of 80 countries in a elite fraternity, dedicated wholeheartedly to provide superior customer service to all our customers.


Nowadays, Les Clefs d’Or Finland has members in most hotels in the Helsinki metropolitan area, as well as in other cities of Finland, such as Jyväskylä. We also proudly represent members from Estonia. We have 13 international members of which one is from Tallinn. Our association includes also local members, honorary members, sponsors and novice members. To become a full member a concierge is required to have at least 5 years of work experience and two sponsors. You can recognize the international members by the golden keys they wear on their work uniform lapels. You can trust a Les Clefs d’Or member to know his/her city like the palm of their hand and to be ready to help out in any requests the customer might have, so long as they are legally and morally possible.

Our purpose is to enhance the experience of tourists traveling to Finland through our network of international friends and colleagues, the Les Clefs d’Or members, providing supreme customer service, advice and care for our customers.

Come and follow us through Facebook & Instagram and here on our website! We have monthly events where we get together and learn from each other, get to know our city and always have fun!

In service through friendship,

Sami Joutsenvuo
President, Les Clefs d’Or Finland